Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the right time to visit?

    During or a little after school hours is the best time to visit us, check out the area, and classrooms, and meet our teachers besides the officials who process admission. Can I visit with my child before Admission? We advise parents to visit our institution, accompanied by their children because it helps our professionals estimate the intensity and the type of childcare required based on the personalization needs of your kid. Moreover, your child also feels comfortable in a new environment in the presence of their parents first.

  • What is the admission procedure?

    Either of the parents must be present during the admission of your child in the given 4 levels of programs we offer. We interview your child with some basic questions, parents are not required to be interviewed. You can register online in our portal and visit us on campus to continue the admission process.

  • Why choose us?

    We take pride in saying that our curriculum consists of updated classroom and outdoor learning procedures, full of activities that energize and interest students to draw out both academic and emotional advancements from them. Our focus is to create a bright team of students, future-ready and well-trained to focus on themselves, their academic life, and becoming a better part of themselves. Additionally, our learning methods are personalized according to student requirements. Instead of generalizing learning methodologies, we enhance student learning experience via activities, events, innovative educational procedures, enrichment activities, etc.

  • Do we have safety measures?

    Yes, our teachers are trained to prioritize children over everything else in a time of emergency, if the situation arises. Additionally, every staff member besides the teacher is also well aware of hygiene and food safety. Students are encouraged to voice out their problems. We are always ready to help, analyze the situation and take necessary steps. Parents are informed in case of an emergency.